Many people love and treasure their carpets; this is because carpets provide them with a lot of benefits. To give you some examples, carpets give their owners comfort and luxury as the owner can just sit or lie on the soft texture of it. Carpets also serve as an extra layer of protection and cushion, your child’s risk of slipping and acquiring injury would be lessened, and your gadgets would not be so damaged when you accidentally drop it on the floor.  

With the benefits and uses of carpets, it is common sense to preserve it so that we can enjoy it as long as possible. To help you achieve this preservation, here is a list of tips on maintaining the fresh smell and look of your carpets. 


Use Baking Soda 

When you have a carpet, you always have the compulsion to lie down on it, what is stopping you sometimes is the bad or off an odor that is coming out from it. Baking Soda is a non-harmful substance that can clean out the odor of your carpets without damaging or affecting the carpets’ condition.  

Sprinkle appropriate amounts of baking soda to your carpets, and let it settle for about five minutes. Then take it out along with the dust and dirt by vacuuming it. 

Vacuuming Regularly and Properly

Speaking of vacuuming, we should vacuum our carpets regularly, ideally once in every other day. You have to vacuum this much because you want to minimize or prevent dust and small particles in settling in your carpets; they tear down your carpet fibers as they cause grinding and friction when we step on them. 

In vacuuming, it is important to remember that our carpets receive uneven use and dirt, so we also have to make adjustments in vacuuming. Vacuuming thoroughly on the places that receive so much foot traffic and try to even out the rest. 

Keep Shoes Outside

Because dirt and dust are the number one enemy of our carpets, we have to keep them out of the house as possible. To do this, we must establish a rule in our house in which we have to take off our shoes before we enter the premises. Aside from bringing in the dirt, shoes are so much harder than our foot or slippers, and they cause dents, and they wear out the fibers of our carpets quickly.  

Have Rugs on Your Doorsteps

Another way to keep out dust and dirt from our carpets is by having rugs or mats in our doorsteps. We must have one in our main door, and we must have one in each of the entryways of rooms in our house. Rugs and mats trap dust and dirt in them; they act as a filter, and they greatly help in the preservation of our carpets.  

Hire Professionals

Sometimes, our carpets need thorough and deep cleaning, twice a year as experts say. If we have work and kids to attend, we may not have the energy and time to do this. Hire excellent professionals instead, contact carpet cleaner cherry hill.